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5igao is a Nordic mythology as the background of the role-playing game, game player in the game to play the protagonist has a strong power, can use the blessing of gods, and used their power to destroy a monster, save the mainland. Of course, the mai


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The year 2017 new exclusive / the soul change / passion / awesome / long / version2017年度最新独家/中华之魂中变/激情/给力/长久版/ The game is introduced: the soul of China in 2017 invited the senior game designer creative and professional artists, which lasted more th


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[bulletin] popular hot, no recharge, GM only earn a guarantee fee, enough, enough is enough!【公告】人气火爆,无需充值,GM只赚个担保费,足矣,足矣,足矣! [announcement] the proportion of gold 1:2000000 1; 500 points 1; 100 feedback points, online banking more than 100%, more th


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A game player in the 5igao to open the black group sent a screenshot today, is said to have a woman no game player Xuan policy of the skin, and then spend 100 dollars to other people bought one, and then he also made a circle of friends: 100 yuan to


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7kkb is a large 1.80 Angel theme 5igao new. The game show of the 1.80 heroes of the epic surge high and sweep forward at the same time to punch, the perfect interpretation of countless fairy passion! Compared to the traditional online games, 1.80 her