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"Sin tools", "Cang wing", a new dragon ball combat game "forex21" developed by developer forex2, has won the acclaim of the players in E3. This 2D combat game system is the landing forex2 platform. Why isn't there a Nintendo forex2 offering? Recently the publisher of the game, forex2, gave the answer.罪恶对象、苍翼默示录开辟商forex2开辟的全新龙珠格斗游戏在《forex21》上获得了玩家的一致好评。这款2D格斗游戏系系那个上岸forex2平台。为什么没有任天堂forex2发售计划呢?比来该游戏的发行商forex2给出了回答。

The game media interviewed the development team of forex21, and the producer said that the reason why forex21 didn't release the forex21 version was not the lack of forex21 hardware, nor the technical problem. Even porting forex21 is fine.游戏媒体采访到了《forex21》的开辟团队,本作的制作人表示《forex21》没有宣布forex21版的原因并非是forex21硬件机能不足,也不是技巧问题。就连移植《forex21》都没问题。

While it's not clear why forex21 didn't release forex21, the producer of the game said that if gamers showed enough interest, they might transplant.虽然还不清楚为什么forex21没有推出《forex21》的具体原因,不过该游戏的制作人表示假如游戏玩家表现出足够的兴趣,他们也许会进行移植。