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  Gaming project this month 17 days of registration of 2017 Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games, to 24 days a week, there have been Chinese (including Hong Kong and Macao), Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Yemen and other 17 countries and regions, 554 teams and individual players to complete the registration at present, China, South Korea, Thailand ranked player number three, "hearthstone legend become the most popular project".2017亚洲室内武道运动会电竞项目于本月17日注册,至24日一周以来,已经有中国(含港澳台地区)、越南、新加坡、日本、泰国、韩国、马来西亚、朝鲜、阿富汗、也门等17个国家和地区、554个团队和个人选手完成注册,目前中国、韩国、泰国位居选手数量前三位,《炉石传说》成为最火爆项目。

  The registration system this year, by the Olympic Council of Asia partners, matches the specified technical support unit to build Ali sports, compared with the previous year, new technical support will not only ensure the normal operation of the system, the biggest bright spot is to collect and analyze competitor information data, provide valuable data for the analysis of the gaming crowd of the participating countries. In order to give the development of E-sports in these countries and on the basis of scientific guidance.今年的注册系统,由亚洲奥林匹克理事会合作伙伴、赛事指定技术支持单位阿里体育倾力打造,跟以往相比,今年全新的技术支持将不仅仅确保系统的正常运作,最大的亮点在于对选手信息数据的采集和分析,为各参赛国提供宝贵的电竞人群数据分析,从而给予这些国家发展电子竞技的科学指导和依据。

  The system will be given to the Olympic Committee, which will be able to understand player data in the background and subdivide into each item, including the player's name, ID, project, personal information, etc.. Ali will report issued sports players participating countries and regions to the 64 Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games, in June 11 to June 30th, the Olympic Committee will be based on these data, to decide whether to participate in gaming projects, each project set up 2 places for the competition. At the last Asian Inchon indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2013, there were no more than 10 entries for each event.

  亚洲有着非常庞大的电竞用户群体和市场,根据市场研究公司Super Data的报告,2016年全球电子竞技市场的总收入为8.93亿美元,其中亚洲地区收入高达3.28亿美元,主要因素在于韩国和中国。但是,不是所有亚洲国家都像中国和韩国有着发达的电竞产业和成熟的协会组织。在4月份进行的赛前代表团会议上,阿富汗、伊朗等国家就提出一个问题:我们有兴趣参与并发展电竞,但不知道有哪些人在玩哪些项目?这是一个并不罕见的问题,部分国家不知道自己的电竞爱好者和选手在哪里,玩什么,这个群体长什么样子,如何开发。


  2017年亚洲室内与武道运动会将在9月17日至27日期间在土库曼斯坦首都阿什哈巴德进行,本次运动会涵盖了包括保龄球、室内网球、举重、3x3篮球在内的共计21个正式比赛项目。电子竞技项目将作为其中的展示项目进行,由亚洲奥林匹克理事会、2017年亚洲室内与武道运动会赛事组委会和亚洲电子竞技协会主办,项目包括《星际争霸II》、《炉石传说》、《DOTA 2》以及一项体育类竞技游戏。阿里体育作为亚奥理事会的合作伙伴以及赛事指定技术运营单位,为该项目提供高质量、高保障的技术和数据支持。除了注册系统,阿里体育还将为线上赛事系统,包括赛程、个人/团队项目选拔、网站导览等工作提供全方位技术支持。It has a very large user groups and the gaming market, according to market research firm Super Data report, in 2016 the total income of the global E-sports market was $893 million, of which Asia revenues of $328 million, the main factor is that South Korea and Chinese. However, not all Asian countries like South Korea and Chinese has developed and mature gaming industry association. Before the meeting on behalf of mission carried out in April, Afghanistan, Iran and other countries raises a question: we are interested in participating in the development and gaming, but do not know what people play in the project? This is a not uncommon problem, some countries do not know their own fans and players where, what to play, what this group is long, how to develop.
This year, the country will enjoy the change brought about big data, Ali by registration to collect sports gaming population data, analysis and feedback to the development of the gaming industry, for the interested countries to the authority of the population analysis, at the same time the development of relatively weak countries competing incentive to explore the market potential for development. This initiative aims to help Ali sports more and more National Association of the world stage show opportunity, and in the large market space, to further promote the development of E-sports in Asia and the world as a whole.
With the 2017 Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games will be conducted in September 17th to 27 in Turkmenistan, capital of Ashkhabad, the Games covered include bowling, indoor tennis, weightlifting, basketball 3X3, a total of 21 official events. Electronic athletics will show as part of the project, by the Olympic Council of Asia in 2017, and the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games hosted by the Organizing Committee and Asia E-sports Association, including the "StarCraft II" project, "" hearthstone legend, "DOTA 2" and a sports games. Ali sports as OCA partners and matches the specified operation unit, to provide high quality and security technology and data support for the project. In addition to the registration system, Ali sports will also provide comprehensive technical support for the online event system, including schedule, personal / team selection, site guidance and other work.