bilibili影业被200万低价甩卖背后 互联网公司做电影几乎全军覆没!

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  According to beep pictures, financial data show that beep has no revenue since its inception, and 16 years of net profit of -0.61 million. Behind the transfer of low-priced also revealed that the realization of the content of the internet film company.
In fact, from 2015 to 2016 in the "Internet plus" of the promotion, Internet companies have been pouring into the film market, the Internet pictures in the massive army did not usher in spring.
Beep pictures was founded in November 2015. By Shanghai still pictures Co., Ltd., sea magic electricity Mdt InfoTech Ltd (ie B station) and Shanghai wide entertainment Digital Technology Co., Ltd. jointly invested 10 million yuan to set up "beep miles" pictures.
The inception of the company is committed to the development of proposed for 90, 00 after the IP video resources, at the same time with the help of SMG pictures in the TV drama production planning and resource capacity, to jointly build two dimensional content development, and position.
But a year and a half later, now ushered in the major shareholder of the sale of shares. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oriental Pearl Company, the company has a 45% stake. Still the world pictures as SMG's core business groups, the dispersing ability is very strong, had produced the "flat", "The Legend of Zhen Huan" such a hot drama. The cooperation between Shang and B stations was once considered to be the further development of the two dimensional cultural content. It is expected to bring new growth to the two dimensional content industry.
But since its inception, the investment in the company has failed. The cat's eye edition shows that the box office of the fairy throne is 25 million 24 thousand, and that "I'm in the Imperial Palace for cultural relics" is only 6 million 458 thousand of the box office, and it is a big surprise but not a big box office.
B station since its establishment, attracted a large number of two dimensional users, the age of 90, 00 after the majority. In an industry conference in 2015, Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent, predicted that a small two dimension culture would gradually transform into a "tide" culture. IResearch also released in 2015, China's two dimensional users reached 260 million people. B stands as a two dimensional fan focused video site with high fan adhesiveness. As a B station users, enjoy the B station barrage and communicate with their peers fun.根据哔哩哔哩影业财务数据显示,哔哩哔哩影业自成立以来毫无营收,且16年净利润为-0.61万。低价转让的背后也透露出互联网影视公司内容变现的。











  But when the two dimension is moved to the screen, it's hard to enjoy the fun of making holes in the original video site, and it's even harder to say whether people are watching movies or going to movies for fun. , chairman of the B station, says there is no clear profit model for how the minority trend is being popularized and profitable.
In the two dimension of the content market still need to develop the moment, B station movie is still difficult. A lot of B station users said, B station can be seen just around the corner, it is still impossible to achieve.
In the golden age China film market development, but also meets the "Internet plus" trend, the Internet companies rushed into the market wants a piece of film. BAT led the Internet giants have set up film companies. But in this melee, and no Internet pictures companies break through obstacles, stand out.
In the big melee of Internet pictures, the BAT Internet giant has a wide range of resources, channels and platforms. Other minority Internet Co can not match. But in the film, it seems that all the Internet Co can not touch it, the Internet thinking is important, but not professional filmmakers, in the grasp of the film will still be biased.
As the head of BAT, Tencent set up Penguin pictures (renamed Penguin TV) and Tencent pictures on September 11, 2015 and 17 respectively. Tencent pictures, based on Tencent mutual entertainment, has a powerful game, animation and literature and other IP resources. But the first Tencent pictures main movie "juvenile" box office to 15 million 908 thousand head street, did not play in the first show fame. Although the previous vote of "World of Warcraft", "a little laugh, very popular", the movie box office is good, but Tencent pictures is only a stroke of concern, there is no substantive significance. The main control of a phenomenal work is the key to proving one's strength.
And Tencent pictures for hegemony Ali pictures, formerly known as cultural china. In June 24, 2014, Alibaba invested 6 billion 244 million Hong Kong dollars as the largest shareholder in cultural China. After that, China changed its name to "Ali pictures"". But Ali has been founded so far, has been doing investment acquisitions. The only master of the "ferry man" also bad reputation, to 483 million box office ending, it is said that 1 billion of the box office will not lose money.
In 2016, Ali pictures released a performance warning announcement, saying that in the first half of 2016, the company expects the loss margin to expand by nearly 300% over the same period last year. In February 2017, Ali pictures issued a profit warning, said the year ended December 31, 2016 will be a net loss of 950 million yuan -10 yuan, this is Ali pictures connected the 6 quarter continued losses.
Although Ali pictures Alibaba cultural entertainment sector support, but the consecutive losses, also let Ali pictures have been burning. Tencent Tencent pictures repose in the huge user and platform, the formation of complementary potential and Tencent to entertain each other, but the development is still mediocre, master film do not afraid of bad performance.
The movie "Crazy" founder Peng Qiang reported that "in the film market, BAT three channels, all hope from the platform, content link control of the film industry chain resources for the fundamental ecological circle on the back of the film and television industry chain competition."
In fact, in addition to BAT, millet, 58 city, the way cattle, and even, watercress these seemingly unrelated companies with film and television, have set up their own film companies. But millet in the establishment of a year after the dissolution of the propaganda department. Pictures for people, millet co-founder Li Wanqiang in the circle of friends posting pictures and respond to admit group to do the adjustment, the main investment and millet implantation work, not involved in the manufacture of. This is a film with millet began to emphasize the main emphasis on making his argument in contrast, at the beginning of the heroic utterance all became a joke.
In 2014, Yu Dong, President of Bona pictures, said that "the studios were going to work for BAT", causing shock in traditional filmmakers. But at the moment, what Internet Co claims has not been achieved.作为BAT的头部,腾讯于2015年9月11日、17日分别成立企鹅影业(后更名为企鹅影视)和腾讯影业。腾讯影业依托于腾讯互娱拥有强大的游戏、动漫和文学等IP资源。但是腾讯影业的首部主拍电影《少年》票房以1590.8万扑街,没有在首秀打出名声。虽然之前参投的《魔兽世界》、《微微一笑很倾城》电影票房都不错,但腾讯影业也只是搏得了关注,没有什么实质性的意义。主控一部现象级作品才是证明自身实力的关键。







  At present, Wanda, Huayi, ray, these veteran traditional film companies still Chinese film market. According to Wanda released in 2016 annual report shows that during the reporting period, Wanda cinema achieved total revenue of 11 billion 209 million, of which Wanda cinema realized box office revenue 7 billion 600 million yuan, 6 billion 200 million yuan domestic box office.
Wanda as a film company with many theaters, has a wider distribution channels, a large number of resources. According to the film special fund data show that the first 4 months of this year, Wanda cinema's box office market share reached 13.48%, the first in the country.
Huayi 2016 annual report shows that the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 3 billion 503 million yuan, the total profit of 1 billion 288 million yuan. The light media holdings of the ticket business cat eye, its business is more extensive. Ray released 2016 annual report shows that during the reporting period, the light media realized total revenue of 1 billion 731 million yuan, total profit of 816 million yuan.
Although the traditional pictures, there are some problems in the thinking of the impact of the Internet, the need for change, but it is undeniable that the traditional film companies rely on the old cinema, resources and production advantages, more professional than the Internet pictures, can grasp the needs of the audience positioning film. At the same time, although the film market is a competitive market, but as long as the good, regardless of the company is large or small, as long as the film is done well, the audience will buy it. In the movie, the content is still king. The quality of film production is not a short duration of time can be completed, the film is working slowly and deliberately, and the Internet pictures in the anxious bet, but can not make a movie.
The advantages of the Internet channel, xuanfa. However, there is no traditional film and television industry familiar with the content of the law. So far, the Internet company has not reached the Internet, pictures is a wolf that was hit in the face. The pictures on the internet almost The whole army was wiped out. case, this piece of film market is not good.目前万达、华谊、光线这些老牌传统影业公司依旧着中国电影市场。根据万达发布的2016年年报显示,报告期内万达院线实现营业总收入112.09亿,其中万达院线实现票房收入76亿元,国内票房62亿元。

  万达作为拥有众多院线的影业公司,拥有更广的发行渠道,资源众多。根据电影专资办的数据显示,今年前4个月,万达院线的票房市占率达到 13.48%为全国第一。

  华谊2016年年报显示,报告期公司实现营业总收入为 35.03亿元,利润总额为12.88亿元。而光线传媒控股了票务电商猫眼之后,其业务更加广泛。光线发布的2016年年报显示,报告期内光线传媒实现营业总收入17.31亿元,利润总额8.16亿元。